Gilsonite-based Asphalt Sealer

GSB-88 is a unique formulation that restrores asphalt pavements by reintroducing the oils and resins that have been lost through oxidation and normal use of the asphalt. GSB-88 is effective for use on roadways and airports, having received FAA approval for use on runways and aprons.

It is formulated to cure quickly, and designed to slightly penetrate the asphalt and rebind the aggregate, sealing out and protecting the pavement from the harmful effects of water and sunlight – all without harming the environment.

A key ingredient that makes GSB-88 performance so unique is Gilsonite, a non-toxic, naturally occurring, 99.85% pure mineral asphalt ore. When Gilsonite is dissolved and combined with basestock materials, it fortifies and strengthens the GSB products.

Applied using a sprayer truck, with or without sanding, GSB-88 not only extends your budget, and provides the pavement users with the better maintained, quality pavement they have come to demand on their roads and commercial properties.

This unique formulation, when applied in a timely and systematic manner, will provide years of extended life to your asphalt pavements, significantly delaying expensive repair and replacement procedures. This savings will allow for future budget dollars to be diverted to expanded preventative maintenance programs and necessary reconstruction projects.

Additionally, by extending the life of existing pavement, fewer raw materials are used and the burden on the environment is significantly reduced.


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GSB-88 is trademark of Asphalt Systems Inc.