Tap into our expertise at every step, for sustainability,
performance and economy. We make it easy 4 ways:

Emulsion Performance

From asphalt selection and blending, to polymer and emulsifier performance research, to lab and field testing, Western Emulsions’ team is dedicated to producing better performing materials to address our customers’ needs. State-of-the art manufacturing infrastructure and industry leading QA/QC processes support our commitment to quality and consistency.

LifeCycle Consulting™, Planning and Training

Our sales consultants provide hundreds of pavement preservation seminars, educational programs, and just-in-time training sessions year-in and year-out.   This consultative approach is a hallmark of Western Emulsions’ culture. We’re committed to helping our customers and partners identify the right solutions for their pavements – regardless of which products are chosen at the end of the day.   From road surveys to whole programs, we are ready to assist.

Application Development

Treatment strategies may sound good on paper, but what really matters is a program that’s user-friendly and adaptable to your specific design and contracting methods.  Western Emulsions’ customers leverage our successful pavement preservation track record gained throughout the western United States. We help you customize pavement management systems with proven preservation tools,  collaborate on project selection, and develop precise contract specifications.

At the Job Site to Guarantee Satisfaction

We know it takes a strong team to win, and that’s why Western Emulsions takes an active role in the field.  Every agency-contractor-supplier success story results from a collaboration of professionals dedicated to maximizing value for the maintenance dollar.   Western Emulsions applies the collective experience of thousands of successful pavement preservation and recycling projects to every field application, from material QA/QC through to completion.