Mulching, Hydroseeding and Soil Stabilization Applications

Asphalt emulsified in water makes an excellent mulching agent, and is advantageous in windy areas and on steep slopes.   In the case of hydroseeding, the residual asphalt forms a light coating on the mulch to hold it in place until seeds can germinate.   Because of its dark color, the asphalt emulsion absorbs and stores solar heat during germination of the seed.   The asphalt emulsion also tends to hold moisture in the soil, promoting rich and speedy growth.

Emulsified asphalt can be used as a ‘tie-down’, spray-applied over straw and hay mulch, or placed in a single blended application together with the mulch.  Seeding and mulching contractors for decades have found emulsified asphalt to be a superior material that holds mulch in place until plants germinate.