Western Emulsions Awarded Second U.S. Patent for Technological Innovation

Dana Point, Calif. -- October 20, 2009 -- The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has awarded Western Emulsions Inc. a new U.S. Patent for its PASS® emulsion formula.  U.S. Patent #7,357,594 recognizes a unique and innovative method developed by Western Emulsions for treating aged and cracked asphalt, and extending road service life through maintenance, repair and restoration.

Technological innovation has represented a cornerstone for Western Emulsions since the company’s start in the 1970’s. Western Emulsions was previously awarded U.S. Patent #5,180,428 for its flagship product PASS®, originally an acronym and now a registered trademark for its Polymer-modified Asphalt Surface Sealer.

According to Robert Koleas, President and CEO, the new U.S. Patent maintains and broadens protection of Western Emulsions’ intellectual property and technology.  The award also reflects the company’s further innovations in combining rejuvenating agents and specific polymers together in its products.  

“Our company has taken the lead for nearly three decades to engineer emulsions solutions that truly rejuvenate the existing or old asphalt as well as protect roads from damaging moisture intrusion,” Koleas said.  “The success or failure of public agencies’ entire maintenance programs depend upon having effective, affordable preservation tools – we are pleased that the USPTO has acknowledged our contribution to the road maintenance industry.”

With age and environment exposure, asphalt will oxidize, become brittle and lose its ability to hold the small rocks on a paved roadway surface, while contraction and expansion of pavement due to cold and hot temperatures will result in surface cracking.   As an alternative to the wasteful removal of existing asphalt and re-paving, Western Emulsions’ PASS® product is surface-applied to fill and seal cracks, and contains a rejuvenating agent to restore the composition of the asphalt and extend its service life.

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